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This salad bowl is made from the wood of a unique ornamental tree, catalpa.  Native to North America, are typically planted for their showy flowers and attractive large heart-shape leaf shape.  Interestingly, the catalpa tree is the sole source of food for the catalpa sphinx moth.  This beautiful sald bowl has been expertly turned down to a 1/4" wall thickness, giving it an unusually light feel for its size.  The bold grain lines and rich brown color make it unmistakably beautiful.  It has been finished to  be food-safe so it is ready to be used immediately at your table with your favorite salad fixings.  This beautiful salad bowl is the perfect gift for yourself or discriminating others who seek out quality artisian utilitarian ware.

Catalpa Salad Bowl (11" x 5.5")


    Unless otherwise stated, pieces I create are NOT designed to be a vessel in which you would serve food.   My items are typically designed as decorative pieces.  I use a natural clear stain to bring out the beautiful features found in all woods. I then complete the process with multiple thin layers of clear Wipe-On-Polyurethane to give each piece a hard protective shell. Those bowls (and other items) have a durable "film" type finish, usually a thin varnish, which provides not only lasting protection, but some degree of glossiness that brings out the grain and figure of the wood. Without such a finish, wood has a flat, dull, lifeless appearance that is not flattering to the wood. There is very little maintenance required for pieces with this type of finish.  An occasional wipe with a soft cloth to remove dust, and maybe an occasional polishing with a quality paste wax, is typically all that is needed.

    If a bowl IS labelled as a “Food Safe” as it would be for a Salad Bowl, it will have been prepared with a natural oil finish, such as walnut oil or mineral oil.  An excellent guide on the care of Food Safe bowls can be found at 

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