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Flowering Vases is my newest and most exclusive limited series of work.  The inspiration for this series comes from the inherent beauty found within mother nature’s cycle of life.  One of the most magical and special moments nature displays is when flowers bloom.  After studying a multitude of flowers, two species resonated most with my vision for Flowering Vases: the daylily and trumpet vine flower.  Purposeful selection of turning blanks that possess an existing natural organic form is critical to pair with nature’s floral examples.  Tree stumps and multi-limb crotches provide the perfect blanks with which to create Flowering Vases.


This Flowering Vase was turned and sculpted from an American Elm stump.  The color variation of the lighter brown sap wood and darker brown heart wood enhances the organic elements as they reach upward.  The American Elm Flowering Vase is ideal for the distinguishing invester who seeks out only the finest gallery quality wood art.

American Elm Flowering Vase (16" diameter at widest point, 9.5" tall)

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