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Maple bowl embellished with wire-burned lines

Maple Bowl (7" x 2.5")


    Unless otherwise stated, pieces I create are NOT designed to be a vessel in which you would serve food.   My items are typically designed as decorative pieces.  I use a natural clear stain to bring out the beautiful features found in all woods. I then complete the process with multiple thin layers of clear Wipe-On-Polyurethane to give each piece a hard protective shell. Those bowls (and other items) have a durable "film" type finish, usually a thin varnish, which provides not only lasting protection, but some degree of glossiness that brings out the grain and figure of the wood. Without such a finish, wood has a flat, dull, lifeless appearance that is not flattering to the wood. There is very little maintenance required for pieces with this type of finish.  An occasional wipe with a soft cloth to remove dust, and maybe an occasional polishing with a quality paste wax, is typically all that is needed.

    If a bowl IS labelled as a “Food Safe” as it would be for a Salad Bowl, it will have been prepared with a natural oil finish, such as walnut oil or mineral oil.  An excellent guide on the care of Food Safe bowls can be found at 

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